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Jennifer is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, and execution of all IT functions for Skyline Group of Companies. Her role involves developing strategic IT solutions in alignment with Skyline’s business goals, while upholding Skyline’s vision of providing meaningful value to its stakeholders.

Joining Skyline with over 20 years of success in the technology industry, Jennifer has worked in oil and gas, manufacturing, and consulting, and has a consistent track record of improving process efficiencies and customer focus. Having begun her IT career as a Systems Analyst, Jennifer moved on to work as a Senior Business Analyst at Christie Digital Systems in Kitchener, ON. Over her 12 years at Christie Digital, she progressed to manage a global team of analysts, and then to Director of Global IT Applications, where she oversaw the alignment of the company’s strategic vision with its IT practices.

Jennifer is passionate about bridging strong connections between business and IT through strategic implementation and maintenance of information systems. She holds a Bachelor of Mathematics with Honours from the University of Waterloo.

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