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Skyline Living exists to provide safe, clean, and comfortable places for its residents to call home.

Skyline Living is an award-winning Canadian residential property management company, servicing properties owned by Skyline Apartment REIT. It provides homes in dozens of communities across Canada.

Skyline Living is an industry leader in customer service, environmental stewardship, and community giving. It works to create and maintain thriving, vibrant communities for its residents, employees, and the neighbourhoods in which they live and work.

BJ Santavy

Vice President, Skyline Living

BJ is responsible for ensuring that Skyline Living’s business operations are directly helping to improve the quality of life for its tenants across Canada. She believes that rental housing providers have a fundamental responsibility to support their tenants, even in difficult times. Under her leadership, every aspect of Skyline Living’s business upholds this exceptional level of care.

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We’re looking for exceptional people who show Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Drive, and Efficiency. Come join our team and #BeASkyliner!

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Our Sustainability Report

We’re in the business of developing strong, supportive, and sustainable communities across Canada.

Environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance factors are important across all areas of Skyline. With every business decision we make, we’re fulfilling our mission to provide a better standard of living for our communities, and to maintain an accessible and inclusive environment for our people and our customers.

Our Sustainability Initiatives