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What’s Great About Being a Skyliner?

Meaningful work + friendly people = a job you can be proud of.


There’s never a dull moment.

With a company that’s constantly growing into new communities across Canada, there’s always more to learn, and new heights to reach!


You’re working with the best people in the biz.

We’re proud of our award-winning team. We work together toward our goals. We raise each other up and help each other grow.


It goes way beyond ‘just a job.’

You have the opportunity to make a huge difference in people’s lives—through the service you provide, and through our many community + volunteer initiatives.

It takes P.R.I.D.E. to #BeASkyliner

Our P.R.I.D.E. values are the traits that guide our team. They determine our behaviours and our attitude as we work together to serve our customers and reach our goals.

PThe “P” stands for Professionalism

  • You take pride in the quality of service you provide to our customers and to your peers.
  • You carry yourself in a professional manner.
  • You are friendly and inclusive of others.

RThe “R” stands for Respect

  • You value and consider the opinions, feelings, needs, and ideas of others.
  • You understand the impact of your words and actions on others.
  • You contribute to a culture in which everyone can be themselves.

IThe “I” stands for Integrity

  • You are reliable and you hold yourself accountable for your decisions.
  • You do the right thing, even if it’s not the easy thing.
  • You have the courage to express your thoughts and ideas, even if they oppose those of others. You call out BS.

DThe “D” stands for Drive

  • You strive for constant improvement. You tackle your tasks with passion.
  • You are motivated to make a difference at Skyline and in your community.
  • You see obstacles and challenges as opportunities. You own your role.

EThe “E” stands for Efficiency

  • You are results-oriented.
  • You look for practical solutions.
  • You “Keep It Simple, Skyliner.” (KISS)

What Types Of Jobs Does Skyline Offer?

Apartment property management

Whether you’re interested in managing an apartment building, leasing, or playing a supporting role behind the scenes, we are looking for exceptional people who want to make a positive difference every day.

Commercial and retail property management

Join our commercial/retail property management team in an operations, leasing, or administrative role.

Clean energy solutions

We’re investing in clean energy for a brighter future. Join us in an analyst, operations, or administrative role.

Wealth Solutions

Interested in helping our investors meet their investment goals? Our Skyline Wealth Management team includes Advisors, investor relations, and administrative roles.

Real estate development

We’re developing new places to live, work, and shop. Join our team in a development or administrative role.

Shared services

I.T., Legal, Marketing, Human Resources, Office Administration, and Accounting –these are just a few of the shared in-house services helping Skyline’s growth and success.

Get to Know Our Recruitment Team

From your first interaction with Skyline through your daily work activities, we’re passionate about working with you. Our recruitment process is more than just filling open positions. We’re all about matching exceptional people with dynamic Skyline roles. You can expect your recruiter to be friendly, professional, and dedicated to giving you the best possible experience as a candidate for a job at Skyline!

What Can I Expect When I Apply?

Here’s everything you’ll need to know about our recruitment and interview process.

What to Expect During Recruitment

What our employees say...

"I love a little bit of everything about my role — the ability to create real meaningful impact, the creative challenges, and my co-workers."

Taha Zafar
Taha Zafar Accounting Manager

"I’ve been a part of the Skyline Commercial Management Inc. team since April 2015. I love working for Skyline because of the support I’ve received from my colleagues. I couldn’t have grown and developed my knowledge and skill set without the generosity of their time."

Karen Allwood
Karen Allwood Manager, Lease Documentation & Administration

"The culture here is one of the best I have ever experienced. Skyline values all of their staff at every level. Staff are invested in their work. Skyline is innovative, nurturing, and fun."

Kasia Atiyeh
Kasia Atiyeh Collections Supervisor

"Every day I’m building a community where neighbours look out for neighbours. I hold social events, bring new people together, and make sure tenants feel safe and comfortable in their homes. My work is so rewarding!"

Bill Gardiner
Bill Gardiner Resident Manager

"My work at Skyline is rewarding because I enjoy helping each of my investor clients to feel confident and empowered with their financial decisions. I’m proud to provide insight, education, and advice to our clients. It makes me happy when our investors are happy. "

Lisa Boudreau
Lisa Boudreau Advisor, Wealth Solutions

"Our fondest Skyline memory was when we won a trip to Skyline head office. The barbeque and amazing welcome just felt so special and like family, and the escape room was amazing! An experience that we will never forget!"

Gary & Angie Waugh Resident Managers

"Skyliners are some of the most kind, caring, funny, “work hard/play hard” group of people I've ever met. Best bunch of people to work with, hands down!"

Shannon Gerryts
Shannon Gerryts Senior Project Manager, New Developments

"Every department in Skyline is committed to upholding our P.R.I.D.E values and showing compassion with a 'how can we help' attitude. We are very proud to call ourselves Skyliners!"

Tina & Ellery Evanik Resident Managers