Skyline Sustainability Series

This monthly video series sheds light on how Skyline Group of Companies is incorporating sustainability into our day-to-day operations. You’ll find out what projects and initiatives we’re facilitating to meet our Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) goals.

Skyline Sustainability Plans

Our Skyline Sustainability Plan provides an overview of our sustainability goals and summarizes how we’re achieving them in a measurable, impactful way.

Sustainability means influencing, leading, and inspiring others.

We are committed to challenging the status quo by demonstrating our positive impact, both socially and environmentally.

Through our sustainability efforts, we strive to provide a better standard of living for our residential and commercial tenants, our investors, our staff, and our communities.

Our three key areas of focus:

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We're focusing on waste reduction, ethical recycling methods, clean energy production, EV infrastructure, customer education, and more.

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We’re invested in partnerships and volunteerism at each of our communities across Canada. We strive to be an employer of choice, and we're committed to hiring, training, and management practices promoting diversity and inclusion.

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Integrity and accountability factor into all business decisions at Skyline. We've implemented sustainability data collection, reviewing, reporting, and staff education to ensure we are meeting our sustainability goals year-over-year.

Our sustainability partners

Our sustainability partners are anyone who interacts with Skyline. Achieving our sustainability goals is only possible with their support and partnership.

We achieve sustainability through our customers


Rent from us
We achieve sustainability through our employees


Work with us
We achieve sustainabilty through our investors


Invest with us
We achieve sustainability though our community partners


Grow stronger with us
Sustainability Partners


Build with us

Some of our key sustainability initiatives

R.I.S.E Program

R.I.S.E. Program for tenant relief

Offering support, community resources, and financial assistance to our valued tenants.

R.I.S.E. (Reach, Impact, Support, Elevate) provides mediation and financial assistance to residential tenants who are struggling with hardship due to an unexpected life event. The program has saved hundreds of tenancies and has been recognized in the Canadian rental housing industry.

Skyline Living Receives 2021 Industry Award for R.I.S.E. Program

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Skyline Community Hub

Committed to building and supporting vibrant communities.

Skyline Community Hub is an award-winning 13,000 square foot community workspace in Fergus, ON. By providing subsidized rent to its non-profit tenants, the Hub is making it easier for these organizations to do what they do best: build strong, supportive communities.

“It’s wonderful to have a local company invest in our community in such a big way, said Kelly Linton, Mayor of Center Wellington. “Skyline Community Hub will allow our community to continue growing, thriving, and supporting one another.”


Skyline Community Hub Tenants

Read More About Skyline Creating a Positive Space for Youth
Portfolio Efficiency Plan for Waste Reduction

Creating Environmental Efficiencies

We’re taking measures to minimize our environmental footprint today, to make a positive impact for future generations.

We’ve implemented a formal environmental plan for more than a decade. Now it is part of our overarching Skyline Sustainability Plan. Our environmental goals still stand strong: saving natural gas, electricity, water, and waste – and influencing others to do the same. We engage in sustainability projects at our real estate properties, through clean energy production, and through company-wide sustainability initiatives.

Skyline Group of Companies Receives 2021 Industry Award for Environmental Excellence

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