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Grounded in real estate. Powered by people. Growing for the future.

Leadership team. From left to right: Martin Castellan, R. Jason Ashdown, Jason Castellan, and Wayne Byrd

Skyline Group of Companies (Skyline) is made up of entities specializing in asset acquisitions, management, development, and investment

Our Core Purpose: To provide meaningful value and an exceptional experience for each of our stakeholders, while developing strong, supportive, and sustainable communities. How do we do it? By bringing passion, energy, and determination to make a positive impact with every interaction. That’s our Mission at Skyline. It’s the reason why we manage our entire business with the personal “Skyline touch.”

Skyline is made up of multiple Funds and Businesses that span the apartment, industrial, and retail real estate industries, as well as the clean energy industry. We purchase and develop real estate and clean energy assets across Canada, and fully manage the assets ourselves.

These assets are grouped into four Fund portfolios, which are offered as unique private alternative investment products: Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Clean Energy Fund, Skyline Industrial REIT, and Skyline Retail REIT.

Skyline’s three Co-Founders—brothers Jason and Martin Castellan and their good friend R. Jason Ashdown—along with CFO Wayne Byrd—still actively run Skyline today. With decades of experience in the business, their passion and flair for the real estate and clean energy industries has cultivated a unique inclusive company culture at Skyline. It is based on professionalism, respect, integrity, drive, and efficiency (P.R.I.D.E.), and has grown our organization to become a true leader in the Canadian real estate industry.

Our objectives are sky-high, but we never forget our roots. We’ve been doing the right thing by our customers since Day One.

$8.23 B

in Assets Under Management*

We buy and manage high-quality real assets across Canada.

*As at March 31, 2023



From Kelowna, BC to Halifax, NS —Skyline is in (or near) your city.

*As at March 31, 2023



We’re serving our customers with Skyline P.R.I.D.E. from coast to coast.

*As at March 31, 2022

Meet Our Management Team

Meet the leaders dedicated to keeping our funds and businesses at the top of our industry.

Jason Castellan Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Skyline Group of Companies

Jason Castellan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
R. Jason Ashdown

R. Jason Ashdown

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
Martin Castellan

Martin Castellan

Co-Founder & Chief Administrative Officer
Wayne Byrd

Wayne Byrd

Chief Financial Officer

Fund Leaders

Matthew Organ Photo

Matthew Organ

President, Skyline Apartment REIT
Rob Stein Photo

Rob Stein

President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund
Mike Bonneveld headshot

Mike Bonneveld

President, Skyline Industrial REIT
Gordon Driedger Photo

Gordon Driedger

Outgoing President, Skyline Retail REIT

Business Leaders

Greg Jones Photo

Greg Jones

President, SkyDev

Maria Duckett

Vice President, Skyline Commercial Management
Rob Stein Photo

Rob Stein

President, Skyline Clean Energy Fund
BJ Santavy Photo

BJ Santavy

Vice President, Skyline Living
Pete Roden Photo

Pete Roden

Team Lead and Vice President, Broker, Skyline Mortgage Financing Inc.
Ray Punn Photo

Ray Punn

Vice President, Skyline Wealth Management

Corporate Leaders

Krish Vadivale, Vice President, Finance, Skyline Group of Companies

Krish Vadivale

Vice President, Finance
Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin

Vice President, Information Technology
Andy Coutts

Andy Coutts

Vice President, Operations
Mandi Sweiger Head Shot

Mandi Sweiger

Vice President, Human Resources
Fay Yachetti Portrait Photo

Fay Yachetti

Director, Sustainability
Laurie Crocker's Headshot

Laurie Crocker

General Counsel

It takes P.R.I.D.E. to #BeASkyliner

Our P.R.I.D.E. values are the traits that guide our team. They determine our behaviours and our attitude as we work together to serve our customers and reach our goals.

PThe “P” stands for Professionalism

  • You take pride in the quality of service you provide to our customers and to your peers.
  • You carry yourself in a professional manner.
  • You are friendly and inclusive of others.

RThe “R” stands for Respect

  • You value and consider the opinions, feelings, needs, and ideas of others.
  • You understand the impact of your words and actions on others.
  • You contribute to a culture in which everyone can be themselves.

IThe “I” stands for Integrity

  • You are reliable and you hold yourself accountable for your decisions.
  • You do the right thing, even if it’s not the easy thing.
  • You have the courage to express your thoughts and ideas, even if they oppose those of others. You call out BS.

DThe “D” stands for Drive

  • You strive for constant improvement. You tackle your tasks with passion.
  • You are motivated to make a difference at Skyline and in your community.
  • You see obstacles and challenges as opportunities. You own your role.

EThe “E” stands for Efficiency

  • You are results-oriented.
  • You look for practical solutions.
  • You “Keep It Simple, Skyliner.” (KISS)

Interested in a job at Skyline? If you’re passionate, energetic, and determined, you’ll be a great fit.

We’re looking for exceptional people who show Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Drive, and Efficiency. Come join our team and #BeASkyliner!

Join Our Team
Team of over 30 people pose for the camera after playing bumper ball