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Fay supports Skyline’s Chief Sustainability Officer in all aspects of environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance across Skyline Group of Companies. Her responsibilities include the strategy, launch, execution, monitoring, and reporting of Skyline’s Sustainability Plan as an overarching guideline for its annual sustainability objectives.

In her role, Fay endeavours to expand Skyline’s sustainability measures nationally so that Skyline is further effecting positive change in each of its communities across Canada. She ensures that sustainability is factored into everyday decision-making across each Skyline company and that Skyline is positioned as a positive influencer among its industry peers.

Fay joined Skyline in 2014 as a Human Resources intern and was hired full-time later that year. She subsequently progressed to HR Supervisor and HR Manager, where, alongside colleagues, she crafted Skyline’s Leadership and Development Program concept, which earned Skyline a finalist spot at the 2020 Canadian HR Awards. Fay adopted the role of Sr. Manager, Sustainability in 2020, effectively launching Skyline Group of Companies’ Sustainability department, and was promoted to Director of that department in 2023.

Fay cites her holistic knowledge of Skyline’s operations, garnered from her experience growing within the company, as a valuable asset in her Sustainability role. With a deep understanding of how each Skyline department operates interdependently with the others, Fay is well-positioned to assist stakeholders across Skyline’s investment funds and businesses in the strategy and execution of their respective sustainability initiatives.

Fay believes that an exceptional company fosters a diversity of perspectives among its staff and makes a meaningful impact on the communities in which it exists. A strong advocate for volunteerism, Fay sits on the Executive Board of Directors for Victoria Park Community Homes.

Fay holds an Executive Masters of Business Administration (2022) from Queen’s University.

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