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Mandi is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of Human Resources & Office Administration standards and initiatives throughout Skyline, while providing strategic direction on employee engagement and retention initiatives. Through the management of the comprehensive human resources and administration teams, she oversees all facets of HR with a specialty in the design, implementation, and management of innovative HR systems that promote efficiencies and data analysis to advance our HR standards and practices.

Working in alignment with Skyline Group of Companies’ progressive business strategy, Mandi ensures that each solution ultimately works with the unique needs for all REITs and businesses within the Skyline group.

Mandi began her HR career in 2004 and joined Skyline in 2010 as a Senior HR Generalist, developing the early foundation of what is now Skyline’s robust HR department. After some time spent in the accounting public practice industry, Mandi returned to Skyline in 2016 as HR Manager to continue supporting the growth and development of the organization through people strategy. She was promoted to Director in 2021 and became head of Human Resources in 2022.

Mandi values the new challenges and opportunities that her role continually offers. She sees HR as a constantly evolving profession that serves to make all aspects of business better—whether through new employee development initiatives, implementing tools to advance business capabilities, or improving talent acquisition and retention strategy alongside Skyline’s business leaders. In her role, there is always more to learn and higher objectives to reach.

Mandi is a Board Member and the Governance Co-Chair of Sunbeam Community & Developmental Services in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. This organization provides supportive programs and services to individuals who live with varying levels of developmental, intellectual, and/or emotional abilities and capabilities.

A graduate of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University, Mandi also holds a certificate in HR Management from Conestoga College, and has held a CHRL designation with the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) since 2009.

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