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Andy oversees all strategy implementation across Skyline Group of Companies, including the strategic planning and direction of operational policies, objectives, and initiatives to ensure Skyline’s future growth and profitability. Liaising with Skyline’s Executive Board and senior leaders, Andy aims to facilitate and maintain alignment among all parts of Skyline to ensure its corporate objectives are met.

Andy was the very first Skyline employee, having been hired in 2001 by Skyline’s Co-Founders Jason Castellan, Martin Castellan, and R. Jason Ashdown. At that time, Andy helped Skyline manage approximately 40 student rental houses, along with a handful of Skyline’s first apartment properties.

Taking on superintendent, mechanical, construction, and property management work for these properties, Andy put in his fair share of hours driving the Skyline van to the properties, cutting the grass, and meeting with tenants and their families along with the Skyline owners. As Skyline’s apartment assets grew, Andy become a regional Property Manager for three years, and then moved onto Skyline’s CAPEX team in 2005. As Vice President of that team, Andy led the management of all projects related to large-scale building renovations and retrofits across Skyline’s real estate investment portfolios, as well as construction oversight for any new build projects being developed by SkyDev.

Prior to joining Skyline, Andy worked in the institutional construction field with experience in framing, carpentry, and site supervision. Andy brought a valuable connection with trades to Skyline, along with the first-hand experience to evaluate the proper execution of capital projects.

Andy’s tenure with Skyline offers him an extensive understanding of the group of companies’ operations practices, policies, and procedures, and makes him an invaluable asset to Skyline’s corporate leadership team.

Other Team Members

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Laurie Crocker

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Ray Punn

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Wayne Byrd

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R. Jason Ashdown

R. Jason Ashdown

Co-Founder & Chief Sustainability Officer
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Pete Roden

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Mike Bonneveld

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Martin Castellan

Co-Founder & Chief Administrative Officer
Krish Vadivale, Vice President, Finance, Skyline Group of Companies

Krish Vadivale

Vice President, Finance
Jennifer Irwin

Jennifer Irwin

Vice President, Information Technology
Jason Castellan Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Skyline Group of Companies

Jason Castellan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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