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Influencing Positive Change.

Skyline Group of Companies is excited to announce the launch of the Skyline Community Impact Foundation, transforming the way Skyline and its stakeholders can give back to their communities.

The Skyline Community Impact Foundation is a demonstration of the significant role social sustainability and philanthropy plays at Skyline. Through the foundation, we will continue to focus on giving back to charitable and community organizations that enact positive, meaningful, effective, and long-term change, helping to solve some of Canada’s largest crises such as homelessness, food insecurity, and mental health challenges.

With the Skyline Community Impact Foundation, we can:

  • Make a deeper impact
  • Find more opportunities to leverage our audiences and partners
  • Better align with the communities we work with

Stay tuned for more information about the foundation and to find out how you can help make a positive impact.

We have always sought innovative and creative ways to give back, and we are proud to introduce this powerful new tool in our toolbox that will further support our vision of building strong, supportive, and sustainable communities.

Skyline's founders holding a sign reading Influencing Positive Change
Skyline Sustainability PDF Graphic

Sustainability at Skyline

The Skyline Community Impact Foundation is one component of Skyline Group of Companies’ larger sustainability strategy. Our vision for sustainability encompasses environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and sound corporate governance.

Read our Sustainability Report and find out more about our sustainability initiatives:

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