We want to provide a recruitment process that’s worthy of your talent and experience.

The Skyline recruitment team works hard to ensure a smooth and transparent process for every candidate. If you have obtained an interview for a position with Skyline, you have shown us some of your Skyline P.R.I.D.E. values already. We know that the recruitment process can be stressful, and we will do our best to ensure you are comfortable and that the process is welcoming for YOU.

All interviews will be conducted with a member of our Human Resources department, as well as the management team for the role. All candidates are asked the same subset of questions to ensure consistency and fairness. Your application and interview responses will be used to identify the best candidate for the role.

What to expect at an interview:

  1. Please take some time to prepare for your interview. Preparing talking points is useful. For example, when was a time where you demonstrated exceptional customer service, or what was the most difficult project you’ve worked on?
  2. You will be given a date, time, and location for your interview, along with instructions on how to arrive. We suggest that you are familiar with our location and arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of time.
  3. The purpose of the interview is to explore your skill sets and experience and determine if you are right for the Skyline team (as well as for you to determine if Skyline is the right fit for you).
  4. You can expect 2-3 interviews during the recruitment process:
    1. 1 will be a phone interview with Human Resources
    2. 1-2 will be with the hiring team, including the manager and Human Resources.
  5. We ask a variety of questions covering your employment experiences, situational experiences, and job-specific information.
  6. You’ll have an opportunity to ask us questions about Skyline and the position.

What to expect after the interview:

After the interview process is completed, you may be asked to provide references. References should be work-related individuals who can speak to your success as an employee.

Good luck, and we look forward to meeting future Skyliners!

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