[Guelph, ON – September 24, 2021]

Skyline Group of Companies has partnered with Tree Canada, a national non-profit organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees, to develop an internal Skyline Tree Planting Program. The program supports Skyline’s goal to build strong, supportive, and sustainable communities across Canada.

As a first step in this partnership, Skyline engaged staff across Canada to help revitalize communities Skyline operates in that are in need of greening.

In celebration of National Forest Week (September 19-25, 2021) and National Tree Day (September 22, 2021), more than 100 Skyline Group of Companies staff planted more than 665 mid-sized trees and shrubs in Kingston, Guelph, and Collingwood, ON.

Additionally, with Skyline’s support, Tree Canada will plant an additional 600 trees across Canada in areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation due to human activity or other causes.

In October 2021, as part of Association Citoyenne de Pointe-Gatineau’s Maisonneuve Park Urban Orchard project, Skyline staff will be also planting fruit and nut-bearing trees and shrubs in Gatineau, QC, to help the community fight food insecurity and enhance the community’s “green” infrastructure.

Planting trees provides benefits beyond carbon offsets and oxygen production. From restoring damaged ecosystems and forests, to creating habitats, to removing pollutants from the air, to regulating stormwater, planting trees is an avenue for Skyline to make a difference and effect positive change for all its stakeholders.

Environmental stewardship is one of three key pillars in Skyline’s 2021 Sustainability Plan. Skyline is committed to recognizing its responsibility to its communities, its people, and the environment. Through its partnership with Tree Canada, Skyline aims to reduce its imprint on the environment from new developments and existing building operations. It also aims to create a positive impact through staff engagement and strong community presence.


About Skyline Group of Companies

Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”) is a fully integrated asset acquisition, management, development, and investment entity.

It is comprised of companies that provide services in real estate management and development, as well as clean energy management and development.

Skyline currently manages more than $5 billion across its real estate and clean energy platforms.

With more than 1,000 employees across Canada, Skyline works to provide safe, clean, and comfortable places for tenants to call home, great places to do business, sustainable solutions for a greener future, and an engaging experience for its investors.

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