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[Guelph, ON – May 31, 2020]

Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT?, and Skyline Retail REIT (the “REITs”) were each featured in the 2020 “Who’s Who” issue of Canadian Property Management magazine.

Top Ten Owned & Managed in Canadian Real Estate

  • Retail Own & Manage – Skyline Retail REIT – ranked #10 with 4.50M square feet of retail space (as at Feb 25th, 2020)
  • Apartment Own & Manage – Skyline Apartment REIT – ranked #8 with 16.50M square feet of rental unit space (as at Feb 25th, 2020)
  • Industrial Own & Manage – Skyline Commercial REIT? – ranked #10 with 6.47 million square feet of commercial space (as at Feb 25th, 2020)

In each category, the REITs were ranked based on total square footage in their respective portfolios (in the case of Skyline Apartment REIT, using Canadian Property Management’s prescribed calculation of 1 unit = 900 square feet)

Skyline Apartment REIT made its first Canadian Property Management Top 10 “Who’s Who” ranking in 2011 and Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT?, and Skyline Retail REIT also made the list multiple times in following years.


About Skyline Group of Companies

Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”) is a fully integrated asset acquisition, management, and investment entity.

It is comprised of brands that provide services in real estate (apartment, commercial, and retail), new property development, and clean energy.

Skyline currently manages approximately $5 billion across its real estate and clean energy assets.

With nearly 1,000 employees across Canada, Skyline works to provide safe, clean, and comfortable places for tenants to call home, great places to do business, sustainable solutions for a greener future, and an engaging experience for its investors.

View Skyline’s 20th Anniversary celebration video to see how Skyline is grounded in real estate, powered by people, and growing for the future.


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