Guelph, ON – March 29, 2012, Just in time for Earth Hour, Mayor Karen Farbridge joined Skyline’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Co-Founder, Roy Jason Ashdown and Wil Beardmore from Bluewater Energy, on the rooftop of Skyline’s 524 Woolwich Street property in Guelph that has recently been retrofitted with a custom rooftop solar system.

In the last six months, Bluewater Energy Inc. (based in Fergus, ON) has worked with Skyline to install six roof top solar systems on six of Skyline’s multi-residential buildings here in the city of Guelph.  The total annual production of each roof top system is approximately 12,500kWh per year.  Skyline will also be retrofitting up to 80 of its buildings across Ontario with these solar projects over the next 12 months.

“Congratulations to Skyline on its installation of solar energy systems on its buildings in Guelph”, said Mayor Karen Farbridge.  “This investment in green, renewable energy is a terrific example of the strong corporate citizenship that Skyline is well-known for in our community.”

Environmental sustainability continues to be a top priority for Skyline.   Roy Jason Ashdown, Chief Sustainability Officer and Co-Founder of Skyline commented that, “Every day we strive to find new ways in which we can excel in sustainability. Our core purpose as a company is to surface value in real estate and at the end of the day, these system and others like them will provide a win-win situation both for our bottom line and for the environment.