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[Guelph (Ontario) – Le 6 mai 2024]

Lisez l’article original publié dans le magazine CIO Views ici.

Maria Duckett, vice-présidente de Skyline Commercial Management Inc., est apparue dans l’édition du magazine CIO Views consacrée au palmarès des 10 plus grandes dirigeantes à surveiller en 2024,

L’article explore la carrière de Maria, qui a baigné dans le secteur de l’hôtellerie jusqu’à celui de l’immobilier, puis de la gestion d’immeubles à logements multiples jusqu’à celui des propriétés industrielles ou de commerce de détail. On y examine en profondeur son parcours professionnel à Skyline et la façon dont elle est devenue la dirigeante visionnaire qu’on connaît aujourd’hui.

Maria est entrée à Skyline en 2007; elle a d’abord occupé le poste de directrice de bureau, où elle a assumé des tâches de gestion des ressources humaines tout en apportant son soutien à l’équipe responsable des acquisitions à Skyline. Compte tenu de la croissance de Skyline, Maria a adopté de nouvelles responsabilités axées sur les immeubles à logements multiples. C’est ainsi qu’en 2016, elle est devenue vice-présidente de Skyline Commercial Management Inc. et aujourd’hui, elle supervise les activités entourant les portefeuilles en pleine évolution d’immeubles industriels et de commerce de détail.

Nous sommes fiers de voir des membres de notre équipe se distinguer pour leur leadership et leur contribution à notre secteur d’activité.

Maria Duckett: A Visionary Leader Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate & Sustainable Development

Maria Duckett, Vice President of Skyline Commercial Management Inc., is a visionary leader who has transformed her passion for crafting memorable experiences into a career of building empires.

Starting her professional journey in the hospitality sector, Maria honed her skills in hotel management and event planning, mastering the art of delivering exceptional service and creating unforgettable moments for guests.

Maria’s journey has ultimately led her to a different sector—commercial property management—where she is Vice President of Skyline Commercial Management Inc., overseeing the management of billions of dollars’ worth of real estate assets, all while championing sustainability and community building.

From Crafting Memorable Experiences to Building Empires

Maria embarked on her professional journey in the vibrant world of hospitality, driven by a fervor for delivering exceptional service and crafting unforgettable experiences for guests. Progressing through various roles, she honed her skills in hotel management and event planning, shouldering increasing responsibilities.

Maria’s days were filled with overseeing multiple departments, managing daily operations, ensuring guest satisfaction, and orchestrating flawless events. Her time in hospitality was a crucible for developing stellar organizational and problem-solving acumen. She became adept at navigating high-pressure scenarios and fostering a warm, inviting ambiance for guests.

Hospitality also honed Maria’s interpersonal skills as she fostered warm, long-standing relationships with customers and team members. As with any career, it wasn’t without its trials. From handling unexpected challenges to leading diverse teams, Maria learned valuable lessons in resilience, adaptability, and the power of teamwork.

“Working in hospitality taught me the importance of attention to detail and the ability to think on my feet,” Maria reflects. “I learned how to handle challenging situations with grace and professionalism.”

Her transition to her current role in commercial real estate was a natural progression, fueled by a desire to apply her customer-centric mindset and organizational prowess on a broader scale. Maria credits her success in her current position to the solid foundation laid during her time in hospitality.

Skyline Group of Companies: Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate and Clean Energy

Maria leads all daily operations and business practices in her role as Vice President at Skyline Commercial Management Inc., the commercial real estate management division within Skyline Group of Companies, based in Guelph, ON. Her purview includes managing assets within two of Skyline’s REIT (real estate investment trust) portfolios: Skyline Industrial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT. Together, these REIT portfolios total approximately $3.1 billion in value and encompass millions of square feet of modern industrial and dominant retail space across hundreds of properties Canada-wide.

“I’m passionate about creating safe, clean, and comfortable spaces for tenants, and ensuring sustainable solutions for a greener future,” Maria shares. “Skyline is not just about real estate; it’s about building communities and creating value for all stakeholders.”

Maria’s role involves overseeing financial budgets, staffing, acquisitions/ dispositions processes, and project management. She leads a team of nearly 50 talented individuals across one of Skyline’s corporate offices in Guelph, as well as satellite teams in Abbotsford, BC; Calgary and Edmonton, AB; London, ON; and Montreal, QC.

Skyline Group of Companies is a fully integrated asset acquisition, management, development, and investment entity. It comprises companies that provide services in real estate management and development, as well as clean energy management and development. While Skyline Commercial Management Inc. is the property manager for Skyline’s industrial and retail properties, the group of companies also includes an apartment property manager and a clean energy asset manager, in addition to other service companies.

Skyline currently manages more than $8.23 billion across its real estate and clean energy platforms, with a commitment to providing safe, clean, and comfortable places for tenants to live, work, and do business; sustainable solutions for a greener future; and an engaging experience for investors.

Leading with Vision and Collaboration

Maria’s experience at Skyline since she started in 2007 has been nothing short of amazing. “The dynamic and collaborative environment, coupled with the unwavering support from my colleagues and superiors, has truly made my journey memorable,” she says.

Leading her team to success, Maria adds, has been a fulfilling experience, marked by strategic decisions, collaborative efforts, and continuous learning. Throughout her tenure at Skyline, the teams under her leadership have achieved significant milestones that have not only contributed to the company’s success but have also influenced and shaped Maria’s own leadership style.

Maria believes that by successfully communicating her vision to the team, she has fostered an ongoing sense of purpose and unity. She has diversified revenue streams, contributing to the company’s financial stability and resilience. She has also streamlined internal processes and workflows, optimized operational efficiency, and nurtured a high-performing team through effective leadership, mentorship, and fostering a positive work culture.

The Transition to Multi-Asset Leadership: A Story of Growth and Team Success

Reflecting on her greatest achievement as a leader, Maria recounts her transition in 2016 to overseeing the operations for both Skyline Industrial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT’s assets; prior thereto, she had worked for nine years on the Skyline Apartment REIT team (dealing in apartment real estate acquisition and management). She considers that transition one of her biggest professional challenges to date. Fast forward eight years, and she is happy to report that the same challenging transition is now one of her greatest achievements as a leader.

During that transition, Maria went from being in a role where she had the answers to most things and could provide the support the team required on the spot to not having the answers readily available. She had to review each situation in detail, sometimes research legislation, and seek guidance from peers before she could provide direction to the team.

During that time, she reminded herself daily why she was given the opportunity and why others trusted her in the decision to have her lead the Skyline Commercial Management team: not because she was expected to immediately disseminate every situation, but because of her exceptional interpersonal skills, ingenuity, and penchant for driving customer value.

Maria quickly identified the right individuals to develop the best possible team and, within a matter of time, gained the knowledge required. “I was very fortunate to have had a few peers and key members of the team who had years of industry experience and shared my collaborative approach,” she says. “I credit their guidance for helping me fill those knowledge gaps as efficiently as possible.”

Defining Success: A Personal Journey of Fulfillment and Growth

Maria believes that success is multifaceted and shaped by individual values, goals, and aspirations. “For me, success is a sense of personal fulfillment, accomplishment, and happiness,” she shares. “It’s deeply tied to the quality of relationships I have built and maintained in both my personal and professional life.”

Continuous self-improvement, learning, and being recognized for collaborative efforts are also important to Maria. She emphasizes the dynamic nature of success, acknowledging that it evolves to reflect one’s values, experiences, and priorities. “It’s important to reflect on what truly matters to you and what will bring a sense of accomplishment and contentment in your life,” Maria adds.

Reflecting on roadblocks in her professional journey, Maria sees these types of challenges as valuable lessons that contribute to personal and career growth. For example, during the pandemic, Maria faced the challenge of leading decisively in a critical downturn. “I learned the importance of staying composed under pressure, making tough decisions rapidly, and effectively communicating with all stakeholders,” she recalls.

Maria also learned the significance of contingency planning and adaptability, especially during industry disruptions. These challenges strengthened her skills and contributed to a more resilient approach to steering Skyline Commercial Management toward continued success.

Breaking Barriers and Fostering Inclusion

Maria has been fortunate in her career to work alongside supportive leaders who actively encourage and empower women in leadership roles. “My personal experience has made a significant positive impact on my workplace dynamics,” she reflects. “Collaboration and support across genders is essential for breaking down barriers and promoting equality.”

While progress has been made toward gender equality, Maria acknowledges that women still face unique obstacles in the workplace, especially when striving for leadership positions. To make an influential impact on the next generation, Maria believes in a multi-faceted approach to cultivating talent, including education, mentorship, and promoting positive values and personal development.

“I think it’s important for leaders to volunteer as mentors and provide guidance and support to young individuals,” Maria explains. “By sharing our experiences, both successes and failures, we can impart valuable lessons and foster personal growth.”

Maria emphasizes the importance of organizations fostering a mentorship culture, advocating for diversity and inclusion, and encouraging open-mindedness and respect for different perspectives and backgrounds. “By actively engaging in these strategies, we can contribute to making a lasting and influential impact on the next generation, helping them navigate an ever-changing world,” she concludes.

Creating Value and Building Communities

Skyline Group of Companies’ vision is to create meaningful value and an exceptional experience for all stakeholders, while developing strong, supportive, and sustainable communities. This vision is underpinned by strong acquisition/management strategies and business fundamentals across private alternative real estate and clean energy investments, ensuring year-over-year growth and stable performance.

“We aim to maintain a full-service business model where all operations are performed in-house,” Maria explains. “This promotes alignment across all divisions and the ability to pivot in a changing market landscape.” Staying flexible and opportunistic is key to ensuring Skyline’s investment products (including Skyline Industrial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT, for which Maria’s team manages assets) aim to deliver the highest possible value to their unitholders. Maria emphasizes the importance of adaptability in navigating the ever-evolving real estate and clean energy sectors.

Maria stresses the importance of continuous learning, such as attending webinars and industry events, to stay updated on the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. Building and nurturing a strong professional network is also crucial. “Regular market research is essential to understand industry trends,” Maria notes. “This helps us stay informed about new entrants, product launches, and shifts in customer preferences.”

Identifying inefficiencies, implementing changes, and measuring their impact are key strategies Maria employs to ensure Skyline Commercial Management remains competitive. Investing in employees through comprehensive training and development programs is another crucial aspect, leading to increased productivity, results, and overall organizational success.

A Nurturing Leader’s Approach to Life and Work

Maria’s typical workday is a blend of tasks supporting her team and organization, and typically starts with setting priorities and responding to emails. Strategic planning is a significant focus, including reviewing project timelines and making adjustments for success. Decision-making plays a crucial role, with Maria participating in meetings to ensure smooth communication across teams. Handling unexpected issues as they arise is also part of her routine.

Reflecting on achievements, challenges, and lessons learned helps Maria refine strategies with a forward-thinking mindset. As a “nurturer,” she embodies qualities of care, support, and guidance, balancing the roles of an executive, wife, and mother to three children. Regarding herself as a nurturer underscores Maria’s commitment to provision both her team and family with the necessary time, care, and resources for their success.

Maria attests to the importance of maintaining a balance between her work and personal life. She prioritizes tasks, sets boundaries, and understands her limits while treating all commitments equally. Delegating tasks to share responsibilities is key. She stays motivated by focusing on tangible outcomes, achieving project milestones, and exceeding goals. These results drive Maria’s commitment and satisfaction, guiding continuous improvement and pushing her forward.

Maria’s message to aspiring female leaders is to embrace their uniqueness as their greatest asset. She encourages them to remember that their unique perspectives, resilience, and compassion are powerful. She advises using every obstacle as an opportunity to showcase brilliance and believes that the world needs female voices, ideas, and abilities to create positive change. Maria inspires up-and-coming team members to believe in their ability to make a difference, emphasizing that the future belongs to leaders like them.


Maria Duckett exemplifies the essence of success: a blend of personal fulfillment, professional accomplishment, and unwavering dedication. Her story is a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. As she continues to break barriers and foster inclusion, Maria’s impact extends far beyond the boardroom, inspiring future generations of leaders to embrace their uniqueness and create positive change. Maria’s journey reminds us that success is not just about building empires; it’s about building communities and leaving a lasting legacy of excellence.

Au sujet de Skyline Group of Companies

Skyline Group of Companies (« Skyline ») est une entité pleinement intégrée consacrée à l’acquisition, à la gestion, à la promotion et à l’investissement d’actifs.

Elle est composée de sociétés offrant des services de gestion et de promotion dans les secteurs de l’immobilier et de l’énergie propre.

À l’heure actuelle, Skyline gère un portefeuille de plus de 8,23 milliards de dollars en biens immobiliers et d’énergie propre.

Forte d’un effectif de plus de 1 000 personnes partout au Canada, Skyline s’emploie à offrir à ses locataires des milieux de vie propres, confortables et sécuritaires, des environnements propices aux affaires, des solutions durables pour assurer un avenir vert et une expérience conviviale à ses investisseurs.

Regardez la vidéo du 20e anniversaire de Skyline pour découvrir une société résolument immobilière animée par ses gens et tournée vers l’avenir.

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